Suzanna Visser ART

Bronze and stone

The passion theme in bronze

For the alert viewer, Suzanna's works combine a sometimes misleading realistic starting point with a sensitive intrinsic content, which is fully translated into her images of high technical quality. The often surprising design brings sharp surfaces into harmony with soft shapes.

The gap between men and women is one of her leitmotifs.

Detail from painting "The Sun swallowing the Earth" Suzanna Visser
Acrylic on wood veneer 2022 

The fado theme

As the first female Master in Product Development from the renowned Artesis University of Applied Sciences in Antwerp, she is always active in her professional life at the interfaces of design, realization and production. As a graphic designer, she creates numerous catalogues, videos, posters, flyers, ... especially for artists and works of art. In between, she follows academic courses in Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Digital Imaging in Schoten, Hoogstraten, Koksijde and Ostend. She alternates this with internships abroad, such as recently in Carara and Pietrasanta, the internationally known cradle of marble and bronze working.

During her marriage to the Bornem sculptor Henri Lannoye (†), she is closely confronted with the complex process of the original mega-work of art, its molding and bronze casting... Consider the giant statue "Horse Power", on the Ostend Wellington race track , by Lannoye. She also organized numerous art events and exhibitions at his foundation in Bornem between 1990 and 2000, most of them in an international context. She recently curated two exhibitions in 'de Kluze' in Veurne with about twenty artists, some also internationally known.

New century, new horizons. In 2000 she settled in West Flanders and became a computer science teacher there: she taught Windows, Photoshop, Multimedia and Video at "De Avondschool" in Ostend. During this period she takes her first steps to convert her spatial insight, talent and feeling into creations in bronze (cire perdue) and French stone (taille direct). She also gets a taste of video art and combines it with her images.

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